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July Birthstone- Carnelian: Stone of Strength

Today most people commonly associate Ruby as July's birthstone. Did you know this is a relatively new development? In ancient times many societies considered Carnelian to be July's Birthstone, including Arabic and Russian cultures.

Whether you are born in July or just intrigued with this stimulating stone, learn more about Carnelian, its history, and metaphysical healing properties here.

Carnelian Information


Carnelian is known as a Stone of Strength. The golden yellows, vibrant oranges, and deep rust reds of Carnelian are stimulating, vital and fiery. This stone is also known for the attributes of stamina, endurance, motivation, creativity and leadership.

Carnelians are sometimes called Cornelians or Sard, short for Sardonius. Due to its color, it is believed that Carnelian takes its name from the Kornel cherry. Alternatively, some believe it comes from the Latin word carnis, which means "flesh".

Carnelians are found in various areas of the earth. Most notable locations are Brazil, Britain, Czech Republic, Germany, Iceland, India, Peru, Romania, Siberia, Slovakia and Uruguay. Most people consider those found in India to be the finest specimens.

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Carnelians were favored throughout history as a seal or signet ring due to its ability to easily separate from wax or clay. In ancient times people would place this stone in the sun to brighten or intensify their color. Carnelians have been used for general protection and as a ward against evil eye.

The Muslims refer to Carnelian as the Mecca Stone believing it will bring fruition to their deepest desires thereby giving them complete and perfect happiness. It is said that Muhammad wore a Carnelian ring to ensure that he had a blessed life after his death. Carnelian was reportedly the first stone in the breastplate of the High Priest, Aaron.

Robert Simmons, author of The Book of Stones, as well as many other crystal book authors tell us that ancient cultures wore Carnelian into battle believing it would give them strength and courage. It was also used to embolden timid or shy speakers to find their voice and speak eloquently. Additionally, Carnelian has been used extensively through the ages to fight against bad tempers, rage, envy and anger. While many would think Carnelian is masculine the ancients had a different viewpoint. The Romans felt the darker stones were masculine and the lighter stones were feminine.

Carnelian is associated with Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of Motherhood, Childbirth, Healing and Magic. Isis was highly revered so it is very telling that the Egyptians called Carnelian “the blood of Isis”. During the mummification process a Carnelian was placed on the throat of the deceased. The Egyptians felt that the Carnelian would protect the soul as it passed through the Underworld. They also carved Carnelian into many shapes. The two most popular were the Girdle of Isis and a heart amulet named the Ab.

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In modern times Carnelian is considered to be mainly a Sacral Chakra stone. However, it is also associated with the Root, Solar Plexus and Throat chakras. As a stone of the lower chakras, Carnelian assists in allowing them to work together to stimulate ones life force, strengthen the will, become more creative and invigorate passion, fertility and sexuality. It is also one of the stones associated with joy.

Melody, author of Love is in the Earth, and Judy Hall, author of The Crystal Bible, both tell us Carnelian is an excellent stone to help one in overcoming abuse of any kind. This can empower one to regain their personal power and strength.

If you love the performing arts then Carnelian is definitely a stone for you! It is related to drama, memory, motivation, inspiration, creativity and speech. Wear this stone to auditions or shows for applause worthy performances.

On the physical level, Carnelian is thought to be great for the endocrine system, liver, gall bladder, kidney and lungs. It is said to be excellent for regeneration of blood, alleviating arthritis and depression, stopping bleeding, and dispersing both mental and physical lethargy. Carnelian is also believed to help with infertility and impotence. It truly is a stone for both males and females.

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If you are looking for a unique gift for someone's July birthday or a treat for yourself then Carnelian would be a wonderful consideration! Many people wear a Carnelian power bracelet to protect against anger (their own or others). To ignite the fires of your passion and enhance romance, we have a beautiful Carnelian candle holder or the double heart Carnelian sculpture to accessorize your bedroom or home with. Pyramids and Flames are a spectacular choice for directing Carnelian's energy up into your environment or as a focal piece in crystal grids. When you wear Carnelian jewelry, you can set the intention to be more motivated, creative, bold, and fearless in pursuing your goals.

Carnelians are one of a very few stones that technically do not need cleansing. They can be used to cleanse other stones. As with all stones you should occasionally cleanse them if they have been heavily used for cleansing or intense healing work. Simply use a mild soap and water or you can smudge them, cleanse with sound via singing bowls, bells, tuning forks or Ting-sha.

Happy Birthday to all our friends born in July! How fortuitous you are to have Carnelian as your birthstone. It is as strong, beautiful and passionate as you are. Wear it or carry it as your personal symbol of strength and power and let your passions lead you through a life of joy.

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