December Birthstone Blue Topaz

December Birthstone - Blue Topaz

December is a month of giving so there is no wonder it has three beautiful birthstones. The most predominantly known is Blue Topaz but you also have Turquoise and Tanzanite to choose from, too. All three are energetically powerful and aesthetically beautiful. This year we are featuring Blue Topaz as our December birthstone. To gaze upon its beautiful pale blue color is like taking a refreshing dip in a pool of warm, spring water.

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Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz is a rare and eye catching member of the Silicate family. Its chemical composition is Al2Si04(F,OH)2, or Aluminum Fluoro-Hydroxyl-Silicate. It rates as an 8 on the Mohs Hardness scale, making it a great gem suitable for carving and jewelry.

It is a transparent to opaque stone with a coloring that ranges from very pale to dark, inky blue. The darker blue topaz is usually heat treated. Blue Topaz belongs to the Orthorhombic Crystal System.

Naturally occurring Blue Topaz is quite rare but can be found in the Ural Mountains of Russia, Brazil, Pakistan, Zimbabwe and in Mason County, Texas, USA. Indeed, the state gem of Texas, where our store is located, is Blue Topaz. The majority of Blue Topaz comes from Brazil.

A lot of Blue Topaz on the market is actually heat treated and possibly irradiated. It is considered to be acceptable to sell the heat treated colorless Topaz as Blue Topaz. Rest assured, if they have been irradiated the market stipulates they must be stored away until radiation amounts are considered acceptable to work with and to sell. London Blue and Swiss Blue Topaz are two highly desired and popular heat treated Blue Topaz. Their colors are brighter, deeper and more vibrant.

Please be gentle with your Blue Topaz. While it is essentially a very hard stone, the cleavage of it is quite brittle. Store it gently and keep it from the strong sunlight to avoid fading. Please do not use ultrasonic or steam cleaners as they will damage the stone. Instead, use other favorite cleansing methods such as sound or smudging.

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Blue Topaz Meaning, Healing Properties & Uses

In addition to being a December birthstone Blue Topaz is also used as a 4th and a 19th Anniversary gift.

Metaphysically, Blue Topaz is considered to be a stone that represents love, loyalty and fidelity. It is thought to bring body/mind/spirit into a beautiful union. Blue Topaz brings peace and is said to stabilize emotions and allow you to forgive and “let go” of negative feelings towards yourself or others.

Blue Topaz is an excellent stone for communication, creativity, writing and public speaking. So, if you have a speech coming up and are nervous about it carry or wear Blue Topaz. Likewise, if you are suffering from “writers block” keep this powerful stone on or near you.

Trying to find, strengthen or enhance your psychic abilities? Meditate while holding Blue Topaz. It is said to help you reach the Angels of Truth and Wisdom and others in the angelic realm, and to strengthen and amplify your psychic gifts. Blue Topaz is also a very helpful stone for empaths since it will repel negativity and protect you from psychic attacks.

This gorgeous blue stone is soothing to the soul. If you are trying to recognize your own truth and find your true purpose, Blue Topaz is a potent ally. It is also said to let you know when you have strayed from your own path.

Physically Blue Topaz can balance your meridians. It is a stone for the throat areas, particularly good for the Thymus. Blue Topaz is also thought to help eyesight. Wear it as jewelry to work within your auric field to strengthen and retain good health. Since Blue Topaz is so calming it is also good for anxiety and depression. Carry or wear it to uplift your spirit and speak your truth.

Happy, Birthday to our December Born Friends! Blue Topaz is such a lovely, powerfully energetic birthstone and a wonderful guide to those seeking their personal purpose in life. Indeed, Blue Topaz would be a stunning gift for anyone, especially in this season of giving. So, Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays, too!

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